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8 Marvellous Wooden Bunk Beds


Wooden beds may seem classic and old. Most wooden bed is only favored by a parent or adult partner. However, various models and attractive design makes the wood as a material friendly to anyone. Even choosing a wooden bed for children can also be interesting for them.

Design wood beds could be one reason to make the kids interested. The idea to bring together two or more children in one room can take a model castle. Having a bed like this will make the children love to play and can learn to be independent. Especially if it comes with wooden stairs and the kids feel like living in a tree house. Putting the finishing touches in the form of wood colors is bright also be interesting for the children.

But if the children do not want to share a room with his brother then can be combined to make the design concept. The top bed has a classic impression while at the bottom of the modern impression. The combination of wood and sofas are making the kids feel comfortable. Providing accessories such as secret storage box also will be favored children. It seemed to have no child’s room should be large for a bed like this, even in a small room.

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